Terms & Conditions
Each product and its associated price listed on this website should be considered an 'offer to treat'.  Placement of an order shall be considered an 'offer' and also an acceptance of these terms & conditions. If we do not reject your order within 48 hours via email, then this shall be considered our acceptance of your offer. Receiving an 'Order Confirmation' page or email is NOT an acceptance of your offer but rather an indication that your order details are in the process of being transmitted to us.

Every effort is made by HaroutR.com to ensure that products advertised on this site are available and are available at the price listed. Availability and price are subject to change at any time. HaroutR.com makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the data on the website. If we find that you have ordered an item that was incorrectly priced, incorrectly described or no longer available, we will immediately contact you before accepting or processing your order, for your instructions. 

All vouchers used on our website by you are used on the understanding that we may refuse an invalid or expired voucher irrespective of whether our website accepts a voucher's input during the ordering process.

HaroutR.com reserves the right to refuse to fulfil orders which it deems likely to be fraudulent or of a high risk nature. Any suspected fraudulent activity will be immediately reported to the authorities without exception.